100 Acres of Pizza

So it’s official, I’m moved in to my new place. I was lucky enough to produce little to no trash, especially thanks to the moving boxes my friends lent me that I was able to give back after I moved. I also was able to move over the course of a few days so I would unpack one day and use the same container to pack and move the next day.

As you may remember, I had to clean this dirty, dirty place before I could move in. I did such a great job cleaning zero waste style until it came to the stove. Honestly, I think I’ve seen this stove before… in the back of someone’s shed on the show Hoarders next to a dead cat. I found at least two boxes of raisins spilled and charred in the bottom of the oven. WHO DOES THAT?!

After scrubbing with my homemade cleaning solution and gagging a few times, I caved and used Grease Lightning. My friend already had a bottle so I didn’t have to purchase my own. Everything else cleaned up nicely and smelled absolutely wonderful! I put this homemade cleaning solution to the ultimate test – cleaning a nasty, abandoned apartment – and it worked wonders. Try it out yourself!

I also caved and bought the greasiest pizza I could find because nothing says “thanks for moving my s***” like a cheap n’ greasy pizza. Which I’m eating cold out of the box with my coffee while writing this post. Also, I’m American and Americans eat 100 acres of pizza EVERY FRIGGIN DAY. In case you’re wondering, no I cannot recycle the whole pizza box. When a large amount of grease/cheese/heaven gets on the pizza box, you can’t recycle that part! Instead, I’ll recycle the top and toss the bottom.

The other sad thing I should mention is that this apartment complex doesn’t currently have any recycling. Thankfully, the solid waste and recycling ordnance amendment is “due” THIS WEEK. You better believe I’m going to have words with my landlord if I don’t see a blue bin within the next few weeks. In the meantime, there are plenty of places I can take my recycling to (1, 2) in Salt Lake.



For starters, I don’t have a shower rod or curtain. Yes, I did try showering without them and no, it wasn’t a good idea. I also need a (plastic free) broom and still have to find the citric acid.

I should mention that I’ve already hit up the local thrift shop and made out like a bandit with a bunch of glass containers of all different sizes. If you’re looking to reduce your waste, or even just plastic usage, I would suggest getting a few of your own. They work great for storing food and can replace things like Ziploc baggies and Cling Wrap.


Lastly, I now live walking distance from the Vivint Smart Home Arena (home of the Utah Jazz) and rewarded myself on a move well done by going to last night’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Since both LeBron and Rubio are my #1 crushes, it was one of the most amazing games of my life. In the end, the Jazz won, it was a heart-wrenchingly close game, and I walked home on cloud 9.  Happy Birthday, Lebron.


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